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To protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend; to shelter; to shield from surprise or attack; to protect by attendance; to a company for protection.


To lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path; to pilot; as, to guide a traveler. To regulate and manage; to direct. A person who leads or directs another in his way or course, as in a strange land.


To repel danger or harm from; to protect; to secure against attack; to maintain against force or argument; to uphold; to guard; as, to defend a town; to defend a cause; to defend character; to defend from or against one’s enemies.

Estate Planning

When planning for the future of your family, estate planning is vitally important.  Eliminate the unknown and put nagging questions out of your mind by securing the future of those you love.


The loss of a family member or close friend is one of the most difficult things we can encounter. It creates stress at a difficult time and complicates the need to handle the estate properly.

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Why Have a Simple Will?

Why Have a Simple Will?

A simple will does several important things.  First, it takes the decision making out of the hands of the government.  With no will, your possessions and minor children will be handled through the courts and probate law. Just as important, a simple will assures that...

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